Welcome to my shop.

In my shop you can find clothing for children and women. But also hair clips, toys, hair bows and home accessories.

Welcome to the world of neutral colours, classic designs, ruffles, vintage style and flowers.


It took me a long time to finally realise the new hair clips. They are oval shaped and 6cm long. A bit smaller then my classic clips. First stock is very limited and the next drop will be in January so hurry up and shop now.
Check the oval hair clips here
  • Čudovite!

    Ročno izdelane in vsaka je malenkost drugačna. Unikatna.

  • Ne cukajo.

    So mehke in udobne. Popolnoma oblečene v blago.

  • Natural materials

    At Lanika, we use only natural materials: cotton and linen.

    Both are airy and cozy. Linen is particularly durable and its wrinkles tell a special story.

  • Hand embroidery

    All the embroideries on the clothes are made by hand. Every flower, every dot is sewn by hand with a lot of love and patience. I absolutely love embroideries and thank you for choosing clothes and clips with hand embroideries.

  • Zero-waste brand

    I really only throw away the smallest pieces of fabric. From the rest, I make hair clips, bows, scrunchie elastics, bunnies, bears and the Lanika memory game.