Lanika story

Lanika is actually a composition of my name- Nika and the word “lan” (which means linen in Slovenian). I make all the clothing in my little sewing room my husband built for me on our attic.
I only work with woven fabrics, mostly linen but also cotton poplin and double gauze. All the materials I use are certified and safe for skin. Breathable, comfortable and non-toxic, but always cute and pretty.

I started with minimalistic children wear- pure white linen. Then I feel in love with colours and hand embroidery. So now I really like mixing the two. In that way I can create really unique pieces. Embroidery is something that relaxes me and allows me to be really creative. Embroidering is a slow process; you need to be patient and precise. Embroidery takes me from 30minutes to up to 5-6 hours or more. I love doing it while listening to podcasts or watching Netflix.

My vision for my brand is to make timeless, exclusive and comfortable clothes. For kids and for woman.

I’m self-taught seamstress. Every piece I make is handmade with love and a lot of care. My aesthetic is minimalistic, bright coloured clothing inspired by nature. I love vintage style, lace and ruffles. I like classic girly silhouettes, A line dresses. I love the idea that my clothing could go from generation to generation.

I started sewing when I became a mom. My kids are now my biggest inspiration. I have a boy and a girl. When my daughter was born, I feel in the world of different shades of pink and all the girly things and I love it! Also, I feel the need for my babies to be comfortable but stylish at the same time.

I feel very grateful for any purchase you make. You help me live my life doing what I love. I found my ikigai in sewing and I enjoy the process very very much. Thanks for shopping and thanks for following my social media account (IG: